Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day

We've had ourselves a nice little weekend so far. We spent Saturday being generally lazy, watching opening weekend of football (ahhh! It's FINALLY football season). War Eagle! My parents drove up from Franklin and we took them out to Joe B's, a former church turned restaurant. We got up early today to drive to Hillsboro, OH where my aunt and uncle have a "family reunion" every year. My family doesn't really do the whole official family reunion, but the close branches come over. There were 7 kids, 3 dogs, and a partridge in a pear tree. Definitely not dull! We got to meet the newest family member, born just 2 weeks before our wedding (needless to say that nuclear family did not make the trip down). We are now staying in Maysville for the evening to visit with Adam's family over the long weekend. He got to catch the tail end of the UK/Louisville game and was very happy with that outcome.
In other tidbits, we're keeping fairly busy. The school year started 3 weeks ago for me. This year is going much better than last. I'm at the same school, with the same group of kids, but my kid with special needs last year went to public school. I'm much more relaxed now! Adam stays busy with his work, training a temp and studying to get some licenses so he can advance. We're going here, there, and everywhere on the weekends. We're going to Seattle in 2 weeks for one of his groomsmen's wedding and then to Florence the next weekend to look at our wedding proofs!

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